Elite Finish WashMist Waterless Wash Kit

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WashMist Waterless Wash Kit Contents:

1 x WashMist Waterless Wash Spray 16oz 

1 x WashMist Waterless Wash Concentrate 16oz

2 x 3 pack Premium Grade MicroFiber Towels in Elite Finish Blue

1 x Elite Finish Microfiber Carry Bag


Eco-friendly, cost-effective, and easy to use are the traits that make this our best seller! See why so many people have switched to our water-less wash!

✅ Fast and easy to use; clean and shine✨, virtually anywhere, anytime, in the sun or the shade!

🚱 No more hoses

🚫 No power tools

🚫 No more countless hours required!

Simply spray, wipe and buff to a brilliant finish with our premium microfiber towels.

WashMist safely removes dirt and surface contaminants during washing, fortifies ceramic and wax protection, enhances shine, color, gloss, and ideal for all paint types and surfaces.

✔️ Clean 💦

✔️ Protect 🛡️

✔️ Shine ✨


WashMist is our very own proprietary waterless wash which features hydrophobic polymer technology that delivers an incredibly high surface tension that adds protection to all surfaces. WashMist’s hydrophobic polymer technology enables it to actually repel water while maintaining water beading with every wash/wipe down. With WashMist, you will create a shiny paint surface that also adds another layer of protection over your existing sealants. It safely removes dirt and surface contaminants during washing, fortifies ceramic and wax protection, enhances shine, color, gloss, and ideal for all paint types and surfaces.


WashMist was developed with auto enthusiasts and our environment in mind. You can conveniently wash your car just about anywhere! On average it takes 30 – 75 gallons of water to wash a car at an automated car wash! 40 – 120 gallons at home with a hose! Using WashMist with our cutting-edge technology, you will use less than one pint of water per wash! See why so many people are picking up WashMist!


WashMist Waterless Wash Steps:
1. Spray an even mist to one panel
2. Lightly wipe with one side our Washmist Premium Microfiber Blue Towel.
3. Spray another light mist to same area .
4. Flip the towel over and evenly wipe to ensure all the dirt and streaks have been removed.
5. Move to the next panel and repeat process
6. Use edge of towel for getting into the nooks
7. Clean all plastic trim and wheels in these same steps AFTER paint has been cleaned

2) Final Wipe with WashMist in the Final Wipe Spray Bottle
a. Lightly tap the spray trigger to spray a fine mist onto the Blue towel with the towel folded
b. Remove all smudges and streaks on Paint, Windows, Trim
c. Lightly wipe interior surfaces with same Final Wipe towel ever so lightly damp
i. Use folded corner of towel to clean vents OR a clean and dry boars hair brush
d. Repeat process on all jams
e. Repeat process on wheels with Black Towel

3) Protect Tires with CarPro PERL and Microfiber Applicator Block (Available for Purchase at Elite Finish)
a. Apply a 1.5 inch line of PERL in its concentrated form to the applicator block and work the coating in with side to side strokes. DO NOT simply glob it on or leave excess in cracks as it will splatter down the side of the vehicle when in motion.
b. Use the edge of the applicator block to work the coating into the opening between the rim and the tire.
c. Wipe excess coating off the wheel with the same towel used to Prep Clean the wheels.

4) Streak Free Glass Cleaning with WashMist
a. Use the Blue towel folded
b. Keep one side for the damp side and one side dry (if the dry side gets damp at all, grab a fresh, clean, and dry towel
c. Spray a small fine mist on glass to clean no larger than a 2ft X 3ft section (i.e. half the windshield or 1 window)
d. Evenly lay the Glass towel on the fine misted area and spread it evenly then clean the borders of the area you are working first then clean the glass in straight top to bottom or straight sided to side strokes depending on which window you are cleaning. (i.e. Windshield and rear glass is up and down and side glass is side to side.)
e. Immediately flip the Glass towel over and repeat the exact steps but DO NOT re-spray the glass as this is the DRY WIPING step to completely create a streak free finish

Care Tips for Microfiber Towels
1) Wash microfiber towels with other microfibers (no cotton), hot water, use a liquid detergent with minimal additives (no bleach, no fabric softener). We highly recommend Micro-Restore Microfiber Wash Detergent! *Pro Tip add 2 ounces of distilled white vinegar for a deeper clean.
2) Dry as cool as possible (If no cool setting, then hang dry)

More Car Care tricks and tips can be found on our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/@EliteFinishOfficial 

After cleaning your vehicle with WashMist, you can choose to apply an Inorganic Spray Sealant for a longer lasting protection by applying CarPro Reload.