Micro-Restore Microfiber Wash Detergent

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MicroRestore Concentrate is the perfect compliment for your microfibers! Don’t just clean your microfibers, restore them!

You may ask yourself “What’s the difference between MicroRestore Concentrate and my regular laundry detergent?”

Most detergents and laundry soaps contain some sort of fabric softener or bleach in their formulas, even if they say they don’t there are still trace amounts. Over time the bleach breaks down the microfibers, while fabric softeners clog the microscopic pours that make microfiber so effective, rendering the microfiber product less effective with each washing.


Clear of bleaches and fabric softeners harmful to microfiber

Removes wax, oil, grease, brake dust, and more

Increased longevity of microfiber towels

Snap Cap pour spout

32 oz.


Add 2 ounces to standard size loads or 3-6 for heavy loads

As a pre-spotter: dilute 1 part concentrate with 3 parts water. Apply to stain and add to load