Shine Supply Flat Top

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"With Shine Supply Flat Top, you can quickly and effectively level heavy defects, deep wash marks, and even a 1500 grit sand scratch. Flat Top is not your everyday compound, it’s innovation utilizes new triple filtered diminishing abrasives, offering ruthless cutting power while still laying down a showroom shine.
For most compounds on the market, a showroom finish with a compound is unheard of, that isn’t the case here. With Flat Top however, it’s what you will come to expect. It’s accurate to say that this compound finishes down better than some of the other polishes on the market.
Compatible with ALL foam, microfiber, and wool pads
Designed for both rotary polishers and dual action
Little to no dusting
No Crystalline Silica
No harsh smelling solvents
Developed for hard ceramic paint, but works excellent on all clear coats
Incredibly versatile"