DQUARTZ GO Nano Diamond Coating (50ml Kit)

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Prepare yourself for the most powerful automotive protection to hit the market to date! DQUARTZ GO is prepared to redefine the limits of vehicular surface protection. Bugs, dirt, UV… none of it stands a chance with DQUARTZ GO protecting your car. With incredible gloss, BEADS that last for many years, and best in class resistance to the wear and tear of daily life, DQUARTZ GO boasts the ultimate in resistance to all manner of abuse and filth. From UV, to chemical, mineral, acidic, alkaline, solvents, and even mechanical wear, DQUARTZ has gone where no coating has gone before! In fact, even a single coat offers phenomenal benefits!

CARPRO has taken the incredible DQUARTZ Professional created a formulation for use by automotive enthusiasts and weekend superstars. CARPRO even introduced a smoothing formula based on fluoropolymers which provides a satisfyingly slick touch once cured!  

Whether it's for automobiles, home appliances, or most any metal surface, DQUARTZ GO delivers superior protection and reliably increases surface hardness. When it comes to home use, nothing protects your home and wallet better than DQUARTZ GO and a microfiber towel. No longer are strong chemicals needed to lift food or stains from surfaces. When coated with DQUARTZ GO, all you need is a damp microfiber to easily remove residue, spilled food, liquids, and more. DQUARTZ GO even prevents bacterial growth on most surfaces!

Features & Specifications:

  • Durable.
  • Hard.
  • Slick to the touch.
  • Versatile.
  • 50ml Kit.

Primary Applications:

  • Automotive paint.
  • Most metals.
  • Home appliances.


  1. Wash, decontaminate, mechanically polish, and panel wipe the paint.
  2. Wrap the included 4" suede cloth around the grey side of applicator block or simply use our Mini Applicator
  3. Shake bottle.
  4. Point away from your face and slowly open bottle. Then drag one or two lines of product along length of applicator. 
  5. Wipe evenly across 2 Sq Ft +/- section in criss cross or overlapping motion using light and even pressure.
  6. Wait 5 ~ 15 minutes (depending on temperatures and flash time) before wiping.
  7. Once it feels slightly tacky, gently wipe off with a high quality, short-nap microfiber towel
  8. Be sure to remove all excess residue using our Gray Fluffy Towel and only then move to the next section. 
  9. NOTE: Always test ONE section first and make sure you understand application before proceeding.
  10. Flip or switch out to new 4" suede every 1 ~ 2 panels or if residue or dirt becomes visible.
  11. 1 layer of DQ GO is enough, but if you wish to apply an extra layer, you may do so after 1 hour from the time you began the first layer.
  12. Repeat application process starting in the same panel and moving the same direction around the vehicle.
  13. Keep out of the elements for 48 hours for best performance and durability.



CARPRO does not recommend a topper unless you have a good reason to do so however, if you do choose to top DQUARTZ GO then wait a minimum of:

  1. 1 Hour if using CQUARTZ SiC
  2. 4 Hours if using Reload
  3. 4 Hours if using Release