Elite Finish Interior Detail Brush (1/2″)

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An essential tool for Interior detailing. Pair it with CarPro Inside to maximize results.

Interior Detail Brush, a necessity for detailing, especially when cleaning out the caked up grime in the seams of the seats or even the stitching itself! Do yourself a favor and pair this with CarPro Inside to maximize effectiveness.


Horse hair bristles

Soft enough to avoid scratches yet stiff enough to clean built up grime

Durable plastic handle

Effective whether wet or dry

Effective at agitating built up grime

Cleans easily


Total Length: 7″

Bristle Length 1/2″

Recommended Applications:


Leather seams

Leather stitching


Use the brush dry to agitate and remove caked on dirt around leather stitching, seams, and other areas.