CarPro XL Detailing Brush

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The CARPRO XL Detailing Brush is perfect for all the larger details that require a brush or some reach! With a 1 1/2" diameter head, longer, stiffer nylon fibers are more durable and will easily withstand tough jobs in the engine bay, on wheels, hard plastics, etc.

This brush is resistant to alkaline, acidic, and solvent cleaners and CARPRO claims it will stand up to repeated rigorous use without deteriorating.

- Usable on exterior and interior surfaces.
- Good agitation power.
- Easily rinses clean.
- Resistant to alkaline, acidic, and solvent cleaners.
- Sturdy and strong fibers for lasting usage.

- Handle: Polypropylene
- Bristles: Nylon
- Qty: 1

- Badges.
- Narrow spoke wheels.
- Honeycomb grills.
- Engine areas.
- Interiors.

Rinse thoroughly after use under running water and allow to dry.