CarPro Reflect – High Gloss Finishing Polish

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CarPro Reflect - High Gloss Finishing Polish

CarPro Reflect was originally developed to compliment the CQuartz line of ceramic coatings, Reflect is simply one of the best finishing polishes on the market. Utilizing a unique blend of fine rapidly-diminishing abrasives and sophisticated nano-particles, Reflect quickly and effectively removes holograms, light wash marring; yielding an intense glossy finish. Tested and trusted by detailers worldwide, Reflect has all the features that both enthusiasts and professionals desire: ease of use, fast working times, zero filling or masking of defects, consistency on both hard and soft paint types and of course a highly reflective, mirror-like appearance subsequently leading to its name, Reflect.

Significantly reflective and glossy finish
Wipes off easily
Utilizes diminishing abrasives and a unique blend of nanotechnology materials
No durable fillers, silicone, waxes, polymers, or Teflon
No dusting
Pair with Rotary & Dual Action for excellent results
Capable of removing fine swirls from coatings when paired with the appropriate pad


1. Apply an "x" across pad or a thin line across
2. Spread product on low speed across section with one pass
3. Increase speed to about 5 on Dual Action polisher
4. As Reflects diminishing abrasives break down lighten pressure and/or speed and continue to work until abrasives are fully broken down
5. Wipe paint with MicroFiber Madness Yellow Fellow towel and inspect
6. Clean pad with brush and apply 4-5 small dots or 2-3 drops of product for next section