CarPro Perl - Plastic, Engine, Rubber & Leather

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A revolutionary water-based product designed to protect plastics, rubber, and leather that offers tremendous UV protection. CarPro PERL is a water based product that can be diluted to meet the needs of many textures covering a wide variety of tasks within car care. Whether it is interior or exterior rubber or vinyl, CarPro PERL has you covered.

Suggested Dillution ratios:

Engine Bay: 1 part Perl to 1~3 parts water

External Plastics & Trim: 1 part Perl to 1~3 parts water

Tires & Rubber: Undiluted 1:1 (We recommend 1:1)

(2 thin coats with 25 minutes or more between will yield the optimal results

Interior Vinyl & Leather: 1 part PERL to 5 parts water


1. Clean the surface free from grime, oils and dust

2. Shake your appropriately diluted spray bottle

3. Spray onto surface and wipe in, to apply evenly

4. Wipe as needed


Keep safe distance from heat

Use in a well ventilated area

Avoid contact with the skin and eyes

Keep container closed when not in use

Store away from children