CarPro Iron X - Iron Remover

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"CarPro Iron X has been developed using a pH-balanced (pH-7) formula that safely breaks down metallic contamination caused by automotive brakes, air contaminants, and construction from vehicle surfaces. The best part about it is it can be used on paint, plastic, chrome, glass, and alloy wheels. Spray this product on and watch it go to work! CarPro Iron X is one of our top sellers and for good reason! It’s the perfect way to keep your CQuartz coated vehicle maintained and looking gorgeous!
1. Shake the bottle
2. You can generously cover the surface with Iron X by spraying it all over, but that can be wasteful. Alternatively we recommend that you spray as needed then spread it with a small sponge or applicator to cover the entire surface. In any case make sure to cover the surface evenly.The product is strong so there is no need to be wasteful. Just make sure it contacts the entire surface.
3. Allow the product to sit for 5 minutes in the shade. Do NOT allow it to dry in the sun.
4. After allowing to Iron X to sit, take a damp (not soaked) paint safe sponge (or other media if you prefer) and agitate the surface.
5. Thoroughly rinse the surface free of any left over Iron X or grime.
– Don’t Forget to rinse out your sponge or whatever you used to agitate the surface, alternatively we keep a designated paint safe sponge when using Iron X. We recommend using our Wheel Towels.
– On light colored paints you will see the product dissolving ferrous particles as it turns red.
– On darker colored paints everything is happening in exactly the same way. It’s simply more difficult for you to view the color changing affect.
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