CarPro Flash Pad 3.5", 5.125", 6.25"

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CarPro Flash Pad

Specifically developed to give you instant defect removal! The CarPro Flash Pad isn’t your average pad! It’s incredible polyurethane foam enables you to remove heavy defects from your paint with ease! Highly effective on severe scratches, over spray, bird droppings and nearly any other mark found on painted surfaces on your car, this is the key to one step correction! The pad’s beveled characteristic allows the face of the pad to contour away from the backing plate provides the user with an extra level of precaution when dealing with the inevitable tight spots. When designing this pad, not only did CarPro create a pad with unrivaled performance, but they did it without compromising the lifespan! Amazing! So extremely durable, that they have been proven to last up to twice as long as other pads!
You’re probably wondering how this pad is capable of immense defect removal without leaving holograms, the key is in the foam. The CarPro Flash Pad is formulated with a unique, aggressive, reticulated polyurethane with cuts through your paint’s defects instantly! Pair this pad with a dual action machine and generate a significantly better cut and finish than a typical rotary polisher setup!

Extremely effective cut!
Incredible lifespan, up to twice as long as similar pads!
Unique reticulated polyurethane foam
Bevel profile allowing for extra precaution in tight spots
Premium grade adhesive backing
Velcro backing
Doesn’t leave holograms!

Manufactured in: France
Material: Reticulated Polyurethane
Polishing Face Diameter: 3 1/2″, 5 1/8″ or 6 1/4″
Hook & Loop Diameter: 3 3/16″, 4 7/8″ or 5 7/8″
Thickness: 3/4″, 7/8″ or 3/4″
Color: Cream
Velcro Color: Royal Blue
Velcro Peel Strength (Dry) N/25mm: 16
Velcro Peel Strength (Wet) N/25mm: 13
Tensile Strength: 330 kPa
Ultimate Elongation: 135%
Cell Count: 73 ppi
Density kg/m3: 37
Cut: 8/8 Intense
Finish: 6/8 Good

Fasten pad to machine taking care to securely center it on your backing plate
Follow polish dependent tips
Avoid overworking an area and do not hold pad still in one place
When polishing, clean your pad after each section with your Foam Pad Brush before applying a couple more drops of polish for the next section.