CarPro Essence - Extreme Gloss Primer

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"This isn’t your average polish…CarPro Essence is an exclusive blend of nanotechnology Quartz, high gloss durable resins, and committed abrasives that are coalesced together at a microscopic level to create something truly unique! Not only is CarPro Essence capable of removing swirls, leaving higher gloss, increasing clear coat thickness and laying down a semi-permanent coat of protection, but it also wipes off like a dream!
Preps surface for application CQuartz or Sealant
Yields ultra high gloss
Capable of semi-permanent fillings
Added layer of Quartz protection
Use by D/A, rotary or by hand
Wash, decontaminate, compound and prep vehicle for polishing
1. Shake well before use
2. For more increased cutting use Microfiber cutting pad and prime well
3. For sensitive paints use a microfiber pad
4. For optimal gloss use sparingly with CarPro Gloss pad
5. Spread evenly across section on low speed
6. Polish on medium speed
7. Clean pad often throughout use
8. Clean both pads and towels immediately after use"