Shine Supply Burn Out

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"With over 20 years in the mobile detailing industry, we understand the needs of mobile detailers. You fight the elements, price battles and time restraints while still trying to deliver quality results. You need a product that provides true correction, works in the sun and provides results that can be seen for months – not just one or two washes. Burn Out reconditioning cream is your ultimate one step liquid solution. Removes defects, creates high gloss, and leaves the surface primed with a layer of Sio2 protection. Formulated with our unique diminishing abrasives, Burn Out gives you true correction while keeping you on schedule for your next job.
Pro Tips:
- Using with microfiber pads will give you more cut/less clarity. Foam pads will give you less cut/more clarity.
- This product is designed specifically for one step polish jobs. If you are going for full paint correction, use one of our compounds and make sure you have priced the job properly for the time you will spend performing the work.
- Always follow with Daddy-O paint sealant or Clutch silica spray for lasting protection.
- ZERO dust without being oily
- Effortless wipe-off
- Fortified with SiO2 protection
- Cut level equivalent to our Classic Cut
- Formulated with diminishing abrasives